Wash Basins 1. Water deposit on trap platform
and inside bowl.
1. Wash Basin is not fixed in level, Bracket not leveled. 1. Bracket should be corrected.
2. Overflow cjocked & foul smell. 2. Waste coupling used may be
full threaded.
2. Waste coupling should be
changed to slot cut coupling.
EWCs / Indian Pan 1. Water not coming in bowl
1. Flush bend may be inserted up
to the end of inlet hole.
1. Insert the flush pipe only up to
the locking portion of the inlet.
2. Flush pipe end may be padded
with cloth, etc.
2. Flush pipe should be used with
rubber adapter.
3. Closet/ Pan may not be
3. Closet/Pan should be levelled.
Floor Mounted /
Wall Mounted WCs
1. Water leaking between cistern
and closet.
1. Diverter pipe not fixed in outlet
of cistern.
1. Insert the diverter pipe into
the outlet of the cistern.
2. Uneven flow of water from
both sides.
2. Both arms of the diverter pipe
not inserted equally in both
sides of the closet.
2. Both arms should be properly
inserted inside both sides of
the closet.
Twin-flush WCs 1. Push rod short and not
1. Rubber step washer may be
fixed outside the cistern
reducing the height of the out
flow valve.
1. Rubber step washer should be
used in the outlet of outflow
valve from inside the cistern.
Coupled Closets 1. Water leaking between the
cistern and the closet during
1. Rubber ring gasket may not
fixed or not fixed properly.
1. Rubber ring should be kept in
the center between the outlet
of the cistern and the inlet of
the closet at correct position.
2. Water quantity insufficient for
effective flushing
2. Float ball height adjusted to
lower quantity of water
2. Turn the adjusting screw
provided on the top of the
inlet in clock wise direction to
increase the discharge level.
(Caution: The water level may
be increased till the water from
the inlet shuts off at the 'top-
line' mark provided on the
floating body).
Cisterns 1. Water overflowing
continuously from the cistern.
1. Inlet valve may not be closing
1. Inlet valve should be opened
to clean the rubber diaphragm.
See that the diaphragm is not
2. Water leaking from outlet of
the cistern continuously.
2a. Outflow valve may not be
closing properly.
2a. Open the outflow valve top
portion and clean the
washer, if there is any dirt
2b. Valve ring may not be fixed
properly to the bottom of the
floating body.
2b. Fix the valve ring to the top
of the groove provided in the
floating body. Ensure that
the valve ring sits securely
around the groove.
2c. Valve ring may have cracked
or become worn out.
2c. Replace the valve ring.
2d. Cistern not fully tightened to
the closet.
2d. Tighten tank holding screws
evenly till they cannot be
tightened further with one