Concealed Wallhung

The sanitarywares from Soncera have a smooth, impermeable and practically scratch-resistant surface, which is resistant to most of the acids and alkalis commonly encountered in the home.

For daily care, you will usually only need water and a damp cloth. Tidemarks, grease and soap residues can be removed quickly and easily with a vinegar-based or bathroom cleaner. Like any other part of your house, the bathroom can be made to look great and made to last if it is taken care of regularly. Here are some simple tips that can help you keep your bathroom glittering and fresh everyday.

Wash Basins

The wash basin needs to be washed with a mild detergent at least once a day. After washing, the basin must be wiped with a dry cloth to avoid water stains, especially on dark colours. Wash basins not cleaned for along time can accumulate stains. To remove the stains, diluted hydrochloric acid may be used.


A plastic bristled brush with a plastic handle to scrub the toilet with a cleanser, at least once a day. After flushing the toilet, give it a "once over" with the brush to avoid minute discoloring.

In the case of closets, if there has been no maintenance over a long period of time, water deposits and discoloration are formed on the surface of areas that get wet. In such cases, these stains / marks can be removed with the help of a solution of diluted hydrochloric acid. Do not use powder paste, thinner or dry cleaning liquids. To remove fine scratches, use Brasso or car rubbing compound and then polish with a polish cloth.

Internal Fittings of Cisterns

Accumulation of dust / small piece stones / sand coming through pipeline in the water on inlet and outlet rubber diaphragms may result in leakage of water. In case of such malfunctioning, all you have to do is open the inlet/outlet valve and clean the diaphragms or replace them. Use only genuine spare parts.